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With thanks to the following :-

Myles of D & W Metals Attwood St Lye 01384 897089 for allowing me to rummage through their scrap metal bins and then gave me materials free.

Simon Wyatt MD of High Speed Lasers, Mill Race Trading Estate, Stourbridge 01384 444500 and also

Nikki Clarke of High Speed Lasers for re-jigging the drawings to get the most out of material - All including laser profiling was carried out free of charge.

Dudley Section Benders 01384 456515 for rolling the angle iron free of charge.

Simon and Neil of Overton Recycling for giving me the wood for the tender and other bits, again free of charge.

Tony Smith of Biogas Products Ltd , Cookley Wharf Industrial Estate 01384 262202 for allowing me to rummage through the stainless steel scrap bin and help myself to some bits.

Stourbridge Windows who now make sheds as well, for spraying wood preservative on the wood for the tender free of charge. 01384 379483

Roy Westwood for turning old wooden pallets into a smart looking Stourbridge Lion tender. (Now My Stourbridge Lions gaffer's chair!)

Dave Timmins for all the support, interest and help in carrying out some of the work.

A BIG thanks Margaret my wife for putting up with me and allowing me to STEAL the wheels off her temporary wheelchair. (I did replace them with other wheels)