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UpDate 13/10/2011

To : Centro

Would Centro be interested in commissioning the whole of the project depicted, or maybe a scaled down version.

Or possibly at least consider embracing the concept and undertake to make available space for the whole project or a scaled down version of the project to be housed inside the new bus terminal if I were able to find the funding. R.M.Farwell


Thank you for contacting Centro Your enquiry CR100046398 Please find below my response to your enquiry
Dear Mr Farwell - Public Art - Stourbridge Interchange
Thank you for the further information you have recently provided on your proposed Stourbridge Lion & Cameo Glass Plaque Project which could provide an interesting feature adjacent to the Stourbridge Town Railway Station.

Interestingly your proposed location for the project is on land owned by Network Rail where it would also be more appropriate with its railway theme.  

For the new bus station, the public art element involves relocating the old station's glass blower sculpture which helps to illustrate Stourbridge's long and proud industrial heritage.  The new station was designed with a specific location for the glass blower sculpture but due the range of new facilities, spare space is extremely limited and unfortunately no other space has been allocated for any further public art.  
While there is no available spare space for your project within Centro's land we suggest you contact Network Rail on 08457 11 41 41 to see if they are interested in your proposal.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact Centro with your proposals.
Kind regards Stephen Holloway Customer Relations Executive