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Poems by Lorna Serridmigni and Dave Timmins


Poem by Lorna Serridmigni

Well, I’ve seen it all now, a train on a boat
I do hope the “Kingwood” will stay afloat
Not any old train, I’d like to say
The first of it’s type in the USA
This Stourbridge Lion is in another class
Within its belly, you can make glass
One thing’s for sure, we won’t catch on fire
As the weatherman says the forecast is dire
But nothing will dampen our Jubilee fun
Merlyn’s in charge when all’s said and done
“God save the Queen”
we will all sing and shout
As we celebrate on our
“Bostin Day Out”

Poem by Dave Timmins

Rolling this way, rolling that
Riding on waves where tracks were never laid
With it’s stack all painted black
And a fire in its belly for the making of glass
The Lion of Stourbridge, remade, though small
Reveals the pride of an era of tradition and more
A day of elation in the Royal Jubilee
Afloat on the Thames for everyone to see
And this to Sir Merlyn we should all shout
Thanks for the Bostin Day Out!